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Elk, Mule Deer, and Wolf Hunting with Elk River Outfitters - Alberta, Canada

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:21am

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In Western Alberta, Canada, located minutes from the Rocky Mountains, a true wilderness experience awaits you. Elk River Outfitters offers river hunts, back pack hunts, ATV quads, 4x4's or stands, and they plan customized hunts depending on the hunter's preferences, expectation, and physical ability. Various combination hunts of Elk, Mule Deer and/or Wolves are available.
Our Dream Sporting Trips writer interviewed Ernie Westling, outfitter/guide, Elk River Outfitters. His wife, Theresa, and his son are both guides as well, and their focus is on authentic, quality hunts.
Dream Sporting Trips
How did you get into this business? What made you decide to become a hunting guide/outfitter?
Ernie Westling, Elk River Outfitters
I grew up assisting my Uncle in his hunting/guiding adventures and quickly developed a passion for the lifestyle. My wife also enjoys the same outdoors lifestyle, and so we have pursued this together. We both have a passion for the wildlife and the outdoors. 
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Where do you take your customers/clients to hunt?
Ernie Westling, Elk River Outfitters
Our hunting area is hundreds of miles square, part of which is also on our trap line in west central Alberta, Canada. Our hunters stay in our log cabins which we, as a family, built.
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What is your personal favorite game to hunt? What game do your clients primarily request to hunt?
Ernie Westling, Elk River Outfitters
Our personal favorite game to hunt is elk. Hunts primarily requested are elk, mule deer, and wolf.
Dream Sporting Trips
Is there a particularly exciting hunting adventure you'd care to share with our readers?
Ernie Westling, Elk River Outfitters
Last fall, I was on an elk hunt with clients from Virginia. One evening, one of our hunters got a nice elk up the river (we use a jet boat on the Brazeau River for 75% of our elk hunting). As the outfitter, I decided that getting the animal back to camp that night was too dangerous so, instead, the hunter and I went back to camp. We loaded up with what we would need for the night and headed back up river to spend the night by the elk. Keep in mind we have grizzly bears and plenty of wolves, so we weren't exactly alone. We got the elk safely back the following morning--this hunter will never forget the experience. The following day one of the other hunters was tagged and followed by a grizzly bear--another day they will never forget! 
Dream Sporting Trips
What is the most commonly asked question you get from potential clients?
Ernie Westling, Elk River Outfitters
"What is your success rate?" Our success rate on elk hunts is approximately 50%.
Dream Sporting Trips
Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?
Ernie Westling, Elk River Outfitters
What sets us apart from other outfitters who focus on quantity is that we limit our hunts to a total of eight elk hunters per year--preferably four per week (two weeks of hunting which keeps us in the rut). There is excellent wolf hunting in December, January, and February. We have baited stations and small heated shacks to sit in for the finest wolf hunting around.
[below] Outstanding accommodations consist of the main camp being log cabins, and the spike camps have large outfitter tents. Shower facilities are maintained at the main camp. There's always great food, a comforting atmosphere, and maybe a campfire waiting back at the main camp.

What do others say?

"Ernie, Derick, and Theresa: Thanks so much for creating a wonderful vacation and making me feel like part of the family. Your hospitality was exceptional, your facilities comfortable and rustic, and the food was fabulous. I loved the adventure and being so far from the road and back in the bush, eh. All three of you made this trip so memorable and well, Ernie, with our campout that night, how could one ask for any better experience for a hunt? I was able to see deer, elk, moose, and even a Griz! So glad he didn't eat JR, but, wow, was that exciting as well. You three made every effort possible to give us an experience that will be talked about for long time, and your facilities are so creative and comfortable." - Ken Coleman

Who's ready for a true wilderness experience?

For more information about the hunts offered by Elk River Outfitters, including how to contact Ernie & Theresa Westling, please visit this link:

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