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Do's and Don'ts When Fishing With Kids

Do's and Don'ts When Fishing With Kids

A child's first fishing trip will often determine whether it's something he (or she) will want to pursue for the rest of his (her) life or whether it's just an exercise in frustration. It's worth taking a little time to plan ahead and think about the excursion from the child's point of view. 

Even with all the do's and don'ts, probably the best three words of advice when taking children fishing is to just have fun!


DO use live bait to increase the chances of catching a fish. Buy a box of worms or, better yet, let your young angler dig his or her own. 

DO give the child his own fishing gear, a gesture that will make this day even more memorable for the child. 

DO take photos. This day will live in the memory for a long time, but the details will come flooding back, even a generation later, when you haul out the family photo album.

DO take along a first aid kit. 

DON'T let the child bait his own hook until you've discussed proper safety techniques and you're confident he/she is capable. 

DON'T forget to pack some snacks. A hungry tummy can make for a cranky child, almost certainly guaranteeing an unpleasant time. Be sure to take along some wet wipes, too.

DON'T fish too long. Three or four hours is about right for young children. 



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