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Do Kids Need A Fishing License?

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:07am

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The answer is: Maybe, but probably not. In many states, small children don’t need a license to fish. However, they may be limited to certain types of fishing, such as a pole and line, gig, bow, crossbow, snaring, grabbing, and snagging. The only way to be certain is to check the rules and regulations of your state.

Alabama: Freshwater Fishing License and Saltwater Fishing License

Alaska: Fishing License

Arizona: Fishing License

Arkansas: Fishing License

California: Fishing License

Colorado: Fishing License

Connecticut: Fishing License

Delaware: Fishing License

Florida: Freshwater Fishing License and Saltwater Fishing License

Georgia: Fishing License

Hawaii: Fishing License

Idaho: Fishing License

Illinois: Fishing License

Indiana: Fishing License

Iowa: Fishing License

Kansas: Fishing License

Kentucky: Fishing License

Louisiana: Fishing License

Maine: Freshwater Fishing License and Saltwater Fishing License

Maryland: Fishing License

Massachusetts: Fishing License

Michigan: Fishing License

Minnesota: Fishing License

Mississippi: Fishing License

Missouri: Fishing License

Montana: Fishing License

Nebraska: Fishing License

Nevada: Fishing License

New Hampshire: Fishing License 

New Jersey: Fishing License

New Mexico: Fishing License

New York: Fishing License

North Carolina: Fishing License

North Dakota: Fishing License

Ohio: Fishing License

Oklahoma: Fishing License

Oregon: Fishing License

Pennsylvania: Fishing License

Rhode Island: Fishing License

South Carolina: Fishing License

South Dakota: Fishing License

Tennessee: Fishing License

Texas: Fishing License

Utah: Fishing License

Vermont: Fishing License

Virginia: Fishing License

Washington: Fishing License

West Virginia: Fishing License

Wisconsin: Fishing License

Wyoming: Fishing License

In addition to these required licenses, you'll also want to investigate your state’s regulations regarding fishing. You are only allowed to take so many fish in a day, for example. Before you head to the water, be sure you are familiar with the regulations to ensure you’re fishing lawfully.


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