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Cooler Mate 25% Discount

Cooler Mate 25% Discount

We met Tony Willis at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham last month and were so impressed by his invention, that we have featured it in an article on our website (you can read it here).

Tony has solved a pesky problem hunters and fishermen have dealt with ever since we've been icing down our catch of the day.

His Cooler Mate tackles the inconvenience of melt head on, not by eliminating melt, but by keeping cooler contents safely above ice runoff. Cooler Mate allows ice melt to rest below your meat, food and drinks, keeping items safely above, where they belong.

Simply insert Cooler Mate in your cooler. Place items in cooler. Ice them down. Raise them up... and stay food stays fresh!

Try it and see for yourself and get a 4-pack for the price of a 3-pack (25%) off!

Here's how:

  1. Go to Tony's website 
  2. Select the 3-pack option and when you use the promo code you'll get an extra one free!
  3. Claim your discount by typing "Dream Sporting Trips" in the Order Comments section.

Be sure to let us know how well the Cooler Mate works for you!

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