Consider a charter flight for your next hunting or fishing trip -- it might be more affordable than you think Image

Consider a charter flight for your next hunting or fishing trip -- it might be more affordable than you think

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Updated: April 19th 2016 @ 8:21pm

Imagine... no more arriving at the airport two hours ahead of departure time, no more parking woes, no long lines, no pat downs, you don't have to take off your shoes to prove anything, and your rifle, bow, or fishing gear will be safeguarded and carefully stowed for you with no chance of losing it.

That's only the convenience aspect of flying charter. For comfort and luxury, there's no comparison.

Think you can't afford it? Read on.

Dream Sporting Trips writer interviewed Matt Ryan, President of ExeJets Worldwide Aviation, who says the hunters and anglers that fly charter say they'll never travel any other way.

Dream Sporting Trips

Thanks, Matt, for taking time to talk to us today. What made you decide to become a charter pilot?

Matt Ryan

I want to bring back the fun of flying for my passengers. Sitting crammed in the back of a plane with your buddies, maybe a crying baby nearby, worries that your luggage and gear might not make it, late or cancelled flights, and all the security hassles--well, it takes the fun out flying.

I started my own charter business after seeing too many people taken advantage of. I was determined to do it the right way and give people an enjoyable, affordable experience. 

For hunters and anglers, a charter flight is a huge time saver. A charter flight can fly into any airport, large or small. In Alaska, for example, there are three major airports for commercial flights, but numerous smaller airports where a charter flight can land. Alaska is a huge State so, from a commercial airport, you're likely to have to rent a car and drive four, five, or six hours to your hunting site. A charter plane can land at the smaller airports, thereby saving you an enormous amount of driving time. And we don't just drop you off; we refuel and wait until departure. That means that if you aren't having any success hunting or fishing at a particular spot and you want to fly somewhere else, no problem! We go where you want to go.

Dream Sporting Trips

Describe for us the accommodations on a typical charter plane you fly.

Matt Ryan

In a word... luxury. It starts the moment you arrive. You drive right up to the plane, a valet takes your bags and equipment to store safely on the plane, and parks your car in a private storage area for you for the duration of your trip. Already you've saved time and the hassle of parking, waiting in line, and checking your bags.

You're greeted by the pilot and welcomed onboard to a luxurious, roomy cabin. Depending on the plane you choose (we fly different sizes depending upon your needs), you might have a bed, a full bathroom, and you'll definitely have all the leg room you could want! Full meals are available; you can even request catered meals if you prefer. Want three olives instead of four? Every detail is attended to. 

In the event weather doesn't permit us to fly, there are FBO’s (private areas) where you can comfortably await departure. These are often separate buildings, some have pools, gyms, TV’s, and many more amenities.

Dream Sporting Trips

I'm sure many people assume that a charter flight is extremely expensive compared to even a first class commercial flight. Can you give us an idea of the cost comparison?

Matt Ryan

It's a very common question. When someone calls and asks for a quote for a charter flight and asks how it compares to a commercial flight, I'll tell them right up front if they can do better on a first class commercial flight. I know all the commerical airlines and can usually steer them toward the best deal. 

But here's the thing. If you're flying alone, you're likely to find a first class commercial trip more affordable than a charter. However, if you're traveling with your buddies to a hunting or fishing destination and you split the cost of the charter, you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. The only way to find out for sure is to ask us!

Dream Sporting Trips

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Matt Ryan

To make your readers' next hunting or fishing trip even more affordable if they opt for a charter flight, I'll offer a 5% discount to readers if they mention Dream Sporting Trips. Feel free to call for inquiries.

Dream Sporting Trips

You're on! Thank you very much!


Who's ready to travel in comfort and style?

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