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21 Outstanding Colorado Elk Hunting Outfitters

Posted: February 22nd 2019 @ 10:12am

Hunting for Colorado Elk Hunting Outfitters? Here are 21 of the best Elk Hunting Outfitters from across the entire state of Colorado.

Colorado holds more elk and issues more permits for elk than any other state. It’s no surprise Colorado has a serious amount of great elk hunting outfitters. Over 250K hunters go each year between draw tags and over-the-counter opportunities. Colorado holds some of the best wilderness style hunting. Rugged mountains, rich forests, and beautiful desert plains make up some of the best elk hunting territory in the country.

Applications are easy with a period that opens in February and deadline in early April. They can be completed online and results are posted June. There are 4 rifle season dates and an early rifle season (Oct - Nov). Muzzle-loader and Archery which both come at a great time, unfortunately they both overlap a bit (Aug - Sept). That said, some units differ and you are best to ask your preferred outfitter for the best units and strategies.

Keep in mind, elk hunting in Colorado is managed for quantity over quality. So picking your outfitter is extremely important if you want to go for one of the handful of units that provide bulls that exceed 330”.

Without further adieu; here are the 20 Colorado elk hunting outfitters that give their clients the best chances to Colorado’s legendary elk.

These are 21 of the highest rated outfitters that run elk hunting trips in Colorado.

  1. Action Adventures Guide Outfitter

  2. Colorado Elk Camp Outfitters LLC

  3. Loco Mountain Outfitters

  4. Quaking Aspen Outfitters

  5. Elk Ridge Outfitters

  6. Pack Country Outfitters

  7. Tenderfoot Outfitters

  8. Discounted Hunts LLC

  9. Shelton Ranch Outfitters

  10. Bearcat Outfitters

  11. San Juan Outfitting LLC

  12. Cherry Ranch Outfitters

  13. Wild Mountain Outfitters

  14. Bryce Outfitting

  15. Frazier Outfitting

  16. Jack Cassidy Outfitters

  17. Circle K Ranch Inc.

  18. Hubbard Creek Outfitters

  19. H & H Processing & Outfitting

  20. Red Feather Guides & Outfitters

  21. Homestead Ranch

Find an outfitter you like from this list?

Here are some tips you should do before or after you contact them.

Verify their professional outfitter license is up to date and valid:

You can do this by going to Colorado’s department of Regulatory Agencies website https://apps.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx and looking the outfitter up by License Type: “outfitter” and either Business Name or License Number. The beautiful part of that is you’ll see the original issue date of their license too. Some of the outfitters we mentioned were originally issued licenses as far back as 1988!

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