Bonefishing in Islamorada - a challenge serious fishermen enjoy Image

Bonefishing in Islamorada - a challenge serious fishermen enjoy

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Updated: May 24th 2016 @ 6:17pm

Are you up for a challenge? For most folks, catching one or two bonefish is considered a good day in the Keys. Their unpredictable nature is what makes fishing for them so much fun. Shallow or deep, big or small, these fish fight hard!

Aptly named

Bonefish are named as such because of the number of tiny little bones in their body. In fact, there are so many small bones that eating them is difficult, making bonefish hunting a catch-and-release exercise rather than catching them for food. 

Characteristics of Bonefish

Bonefish have been known to grow up to three feet in length.

Bonefish are primarily shallow water fish that are found near coasts, intercoastal flats, in mangroves, around mouths of rivers, and the deeper waters that are found around similar places.

Bonefish prefer warmth, moving closer to the shore where the water is warmer in the winters, making bonefishing in Islamorada an ideal place to fish for them.

Bonefish have a lung-like bladder in which they suck in air.

Bonefish move with the tides, swimming into deeper waters when the tide is low and returning when it is high.

Older bonefish tend to stay in the deeper waters, coming coastward only in autumn when the temperatures start dropping.

More About Bonefishing

Bonefish are constant opportunistic feeders, preferring small crabs or shrimp.

Florida Keys bonefish range in size from 4-15 lbs and offer a fight any seasoned angler would be proud of. 

Best time of year to Bonefish in Islamorada

March through November are ideal, although you can catch them year round. 

Tackle And Technique

Bait fishing for bonefish is done with a spinning rod. Some Islamorada fishing guides will chum the waters to get the bonefish within reach of your cast making it much easier to catch one. 

Fly fishing for bonefish is an art. A swift strong accurate cast is needed and a double haul may be necessary to get it there in a smart wind. 

The Islamorada Bonefishing Guides

Whatever your skill level, this is a sport you will enjoy. Our patient and friendly fishing guides will take you to the fish and show you how to catch them.

Fishing licenses, gear, bait, and tackle are typically provided, but check with your selected guide in advance. 



Bonefishing Facts, Small Hope Bay Lodge 

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