Bobcat Hunting Season - Kentucky Image

Bobcat Hunting Season - Kentucky

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Updated: June 29th 2016 @ 10:43pm

In addition to being elusive and stealthy, bobcats can climb trees and they have the hearing and eyesight of an owl. If you can bag a bobcat, you are a true hunter! 


  • Nov 26 2016 - Feb 28 2017


  • Nov 14 2016 - Feb 28 2017

Bag Limit is 5; no more than 3 of which shall be taken with a gun.


Legal Methods and Equipment for Hunting Furbearers

  • Centerfire or rimfire gun
  • Shotgun no larger than 10-gauge and plugged to hold a maximum of 3 shells (two in magazine and one in chamber). There is no limit on shot size. Shot shells with a single projectile may only be used during daylight hours. Shotguns must be shoulder fired.
  • Bow and arrow or crossbow
  • Air guns with pellets that are at least .22 caliber in size
  • Hand or mouth operated calls, electronic calls, or attracting devices.
  • Falconry.

For a complete list of all rules and regulations for hunting in Kentucky, please see the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.



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