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Black Drum Fishing with the Galveston Guides

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:10am

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Black drum are a popular fish to catch and an excellent choice for novice fishermen or even children. These fish aren't particularly energetic; instead, they simply use their heft to force an angler into a brief tug-of-war until the drum yields to the pressure. 

Galveston, Texas, fishing charter guides will take you to the best fishing spots

Black drum are usually found in or near brackish waters. Larger, older fish are more commonly found in the saltier areas of an estuary (closer to the ocean) near oyster beds or other plentiful food sources. They are common between the Delaware Bay and Florida coasts, and most abundant along the Texas coast, and our qualified fishing charter guides know the best spots to find the black drum and many other species.

Distinguishing juvenile black drum from sheepshead

Juvenile fish have 4 to 5 bold vertical black bars on a light background and can be mistaken for sheepshead at first glance, but are distinguished on closer inspection because sheepshead have teeth and black drum have chin barbells. These stripes usually fade to dull grey as the fish grow from 12-24 inches in length.

Favorite bait when fishing for black drum

Black drum are bottom feeders, so they are most commonly caught with bait either on the bottom or suspended within a couple feet of the bottom. Most anglers fish the bait on or near bottom during a moving tide. 

Halved or quartered blue crabs are popular with anglers targeting adult black drum, but clumps of shrimp also will work. 

Drum will often "mouth" the bait for some time before swallowing it, so you have to wait a few seconds until the fish moves off with the bait, then jerk the rod tip up to set the hook. Drum neither jump often nor make long racing runs; however, they are powerful and will fight all the way in. Many lines and leaders have been broken getting fish into the boat or on the bank.

Because bigger drum can make a long, strong run right after taking the bait, preventing broken line often requires a relatively light drag setting early in the fight.

 A Galveston Fishing Charter is a great way to go fishing!

Your charter fishing guide will have all the bait and tackle you need to make your fishing trip a success. And because these knowledgeable guides know the areas they fish better than anyone, they'll have you reeling in these fish before you know it!

We are proud to recommend these qualified guides and charters for your next guided fishing trip:


Wave-Dancer-logo.jpegCaptain Greg Ball, Wave Dancer Charters, Galveston, TX
Family friendly; Winner 2015 "Best of the Island", one of two Texas charters that has two federally permitted boats

GETHOOKEDlogofinal.jpg.w300h271.jpgCaptain Mike Short, Get Hooked Charters, Galveston, TX
Offering high adrenaline shark fishing excursions to spear fishing trips to overnight tuna trips

Rod-bending-charters-logo.jpgCaptain Jason Woods, Rod Bending Charters, Galveston, TX
Several boats, groups welcome, family friendly

Captain_Dan_Green_Fishin_Addiction.pngCaptain Dan Green, Fishin Addiction Charters, Galveston, TX
Fishing the back bays for trout, near shore for sharks and bull reds



Kevin-Roberts-Guide.jpgCaptain Kevin Roberts, Captain Kevin Roberts Guide Service, Galveston, TX
Corporate and large party trips can be accommodated

Treble-J-logo.jpgA little further southwest, but still on the Texas coast:

Captain Jack McPartland, Treble J Charters, Rockport, TX
10% discount on full-day trips for active military



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