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Big 5 Saltwater Fish - Galveston, Texas

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:09am

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The fishing is fine down in Galveston way and whether you’re wading the bays or trolling the Gulf, there are plenty of opportunities to satisfy any angler. More than 100 species of fish are regularly caught in the Galveston, Texas, waters, but there are a few that regularly rise to the top of the list of favorites.



Fishermen can catch speckled trout more consistently year-round than any other game fish, making this species one of the most popular game fish on the entire Texas Gulf Coast. Besides being abundant, these fish will go after live or artificial bait, and they'll give any fisherman a fair and fun fight. 
But finding the fish can be a challenge, and that's where hiring the expertise of a Galveston fishing charter guide can be invaluable. These guys spend their life on the water and that's why they know the Gulf waters better than anyone else, and they'll have you on the fish in no time. (See below for our recommendations)
Speckled trout is mild, delicate, flaky, and delicious. In the South, this fish is traditionally served battered or breaded and deep-fried. 
You can catch redfish just about anywhere in the Galveston waters, anytime, and with any bait. As a general rule, they aren’t too finicky--if they can see it or smell it, they will generally eat it. One of the easiest places to catch big reds is in the surf--and along the Texas Coast are upwards of 400 miles of coastline to fish. 

The best eating redfish are the small (under 2 lbs) young fish. Captain Carole LeCompte of Reelivin' Charters has a great recipe for "Redfish Pizza" that he cooks on a grill.
Flounder fishing is a proud tradition along the Texas Coast. Not only is this one of the tastiest fish you’ll ever cook, but it’s also one of the most accessible fish in the Galveston waters. Some spots are virtual flounder factories, especially during the spring run. Your charter captain guide will know exactly where to find these sure-to-please fish.

Mild and fine textured, fried flounder is one of the most popular dishes for fish lovers everywhere. One taste and you'll know why.


King mackerel are among the most sought-after game fish in the Galveston waters and they are known throughout the sportfishing world for their blistering runs. They are taken mostly by trolling, using various live and dead baitfish, spoons, jigs, and other artificials. The entire Texas coastline is loaded with big kings. During the winter months, kings migrate out to deep water, typically running to 60 miles or more offshore. 
Kings are prime for eating if prepared carefully. Here are a few suggested ways to make the most of these fish. 



Black drum are hard to beat either in the fight department or in the frying pan. And perhaps the best thing about these big brutes is that they’re easy to find in the Galveston coastal waters. Black drum are notorious for turning their nose up at artificial lures and flies, which might explain why serious anglers find the challenge of tempting a black drum with fur and feathers irresistible.
Puppy drums (black drums under 10 lbs), unlike the larger black drum, which have coarse, oily flesh, are similar in taste and texture to redfish. 

Fishing with a Galveston, Texas, Guide

We are proud to recommend these qualified guides and charters for your next guided fishing trip: 

Wave-Dancer-logo.jpegCaptain Greg Ball, Wave Dancer Charters, Galveston, TX
Family friendly; Winner 2015 "Best of the Island", one of two Texas charters that has two federally permitted boats

GETHOOKEDlogofinal.jpg.w300h271.jpgCaptain Mike Short, Get Hooked Charters, Galveston, TX
Offering high adrenaline shark fishing excursions to spear fishing trips to overnight tuna trips

Rod-bending-charters-logo.jpgCaptain Jason Woods, Rod Bending Charters, Galveston, TX
Several boats, groups welcome, family friendly

Captain_Dan_Green_Fishin_Addiction.pngCaptain Dan Green, Fishin Addiction Charters, Galveston, TX
Fishing the back bays for trout, near shore for sharks and bull reds



Kevin-Roberts-Guide.jpgCaptain Kevin Roberts, Captain Kevin Roberts Guide Service, Galveston, TX
Corporate and large party trips can be accommodated

Treble-J-logo.jpgA little further southwest, but still on the Texas coast:

Captain Jack McPartland, Treble J Charters, Rockport, TX
10% discount on full-day trips for active military




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