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Are You Up For A Challenge?

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Updated: April 19th 2016 @ 4:52am

If your looking for a challenge on your next fishing trip then look no further than the IGFA’s fishing slams. The Internal Game Fish Association is offering what could possibly be the ultimate angling challenge, a Grand Slam.

To qualify for a Grand Slam you will need to catch 3 different species in a single day, 4 different species counts as Super Grand Slam, with 5 different species being considered a Fantasy Slam.

The different Grand Slam Clubs can be seen below:

Billfish Grand Slam – Atlantic Blue Marlin, Pacific Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, White Marlin, Striped Marlin, Atlantic Sailfish, Pacific Sailfish, Swordfish, Spearfish

Inshore Grand Slam– Bonefish, Permit, Snook, and Tarpon

Offshore Grand Slam – Billfish Species, Dolphinfish, Tuna Species, and Wahoo

Salmon Grand Slam - Atlantic, Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink, and Sockeye.

Tuna Grand Slam - Atlantic or Pacific bigeye, Blackfin, Bluefin, Dogtooth, Longtail, Skipjack, Southern Bluefin, and Yellowfin.

Shark Grand Slam - Blue, Hammerhead, Mako, Thresher, Tiger, White, Tope, Whaler, and Porbeagle.

Bass Grand Slam - Largemouth, Smallmouth, Rock, Shoal, White, Whiterock, Spotted and Striped.

Trout Grand Slam - Brook, Brown, Bull, Cutthroat, Golden, Lake, and Rainbow.

If you’d like to take a more relaxed approach to completing a trophy slam then the IGFA also offer Royal Slams. To qualify for one of these you will need to catch all of the species listed but there is no time frame within which you have to complete it.

For more information on all the different Slam and Trophy Clubs that the IGFA has to offer or to download an application then follow this link:

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