A professional guide is worth his weight in gold! Image

A professional guide is worth his weight in gold!

Dream Sporting Trips

Updated: July 8th 2016 @ 9:06pm

The value of your greatest hunt? Priceless.

Is this the year that you’d like to hunt an unfamiliar area and bag the trophy you've always wanted? Consider hiring a professional guide! Hiring a licensed guide can GREATLY increase the chances of your success.

Your paid sporting trip pays for all those things that make a few days or a week in a hunting camp an unforgettable experience — things like wall tents and wilderness, or a comfortable lodge and homecooked meals depending upon which kind of hunt you're wanting. More than that, however, you're getting the leadership of guides whose devotion to hunting and living in the wild is unequaled.

Your guide has many roles -- he can be a mentor, navigator, driver, shooting coach, tracker, and sometimes a butcher, cook, or taxidermist. Often, he'll entertain you with hunting or fishing stories that only someone who spends his life in the wild can tell. No doubt about it, hiring a guide can be a worthwhile investment of both time and money. 

Successful hunts take planning, hard work, and for most sportsmen it's a rare opportunity. Here's how to increase your chances of a successful hunt:

Guides are worth their weight in gold

Spending time in the woods during the preseason is a must if you're a hunter. But what if you're after game in an area unfamiliar to you? What if you don't have the time it takes to scout out the area weeks, if not months, in advance? What if you're traveling to another country to hunt? Guides spend their time scouting during the preseason so they can provide information on recent game sightings, feeding routines, and travel patterns. That knowledge alone can be worth its weight in gold.

How do I find a reputable guide?

We're glad you asked. In fact, that's exactly the reason Dream Sporting Trips exists. We understand the frustrations of finding a genuinely authentic hunting or fishing trip with reputable guides.

The idea for Dream Sporting Trips was born when two of us were trying to plan an elk hunting trip. After searching the Internet extensively, we were no closer to finding the trip we wanted. No other sites existed that provided details on all of the different trips available, frustrating us and eating up valuable time, so the concept of Dream Sporting Trips was born.

We're excited about the accessibility to reputable guides we're privileged to offer to you. Why not start planning your next hunting trip today?





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