A Magnificent Hunting Destination - Parque Rincon de Luna, Cordoba, Argentina Image

A Magnificent Hunting Destination - Parque Rincon de Luna, Cordoba, Argentina

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:09am

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Picture yourself in the most astonishingly beautiful and rugged countryside in all of Argentina--Calamuchita Valley, Córdoba. Huge mountains, deep valleys, amazing ravines, and wide winding rivers of this 20,000 acre ranch known as Parque Rincon de Luna make for a challenging hunting area and magnificent scenery. 

Now picture yourself hunting for the one of the most treasured trophies of the area--the Red Stag. Comparable to elk and sometimes referred to as red deer, these magnificent animals are found in the rugged mountains of northern Patagonia. The Red Stag prime roar begins in mid March and runs through April. However, post roar, the hunting is still excellent--more exciting and challenging. You will be able to hunt red deer to July 31st. Due to the concentration of animals during the rut, the success rate is close to 100%. This, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work to get your trophy! 

But Red Stag hunting is just the beginning of all that Parque Rincon de Luna offers. Whether it's the finest in dove hunting, Water Buffalo, Blackbuck Antelope, Mouflon Sheep, Multi-horn Sheep, Wild Goat, Black Face Sheep, or Wild Boar hunts, you owe it to yourself to consider their guided hunts.

Our Dream Sporting Trips writer was fortunate to interview the management of Parque Rincon de Luna, and we're delighted to bring you this feature article.

Dream Sporting Trips

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us today. Tell us, how did you get into this business? Who taught you to hunt?

Rodrigo Speranza, Owner and Guide of Rincon de Luna

We started our business as a dream. Basically, we have built this lodge to share with friends and family; the property is private and large--about 20,000 acres. We started growing exponentially and we host hunters from all around the world, with most of our guests arriving from the U.S. We also host Europeans--Swedish, British, and people from Central America as well. Our lodge is open all year round but from the end of February to November is when we receive more hunters. That´s our busiest time of year.

My father taught me to hunt. We made several hunting trips together around the world and when we started with Rincon de Luna, he would join me in the hunts.

Dream Sporting Trips

Where do you primarily take your clients to hunt?  

Rodrigo Speranza, Owner and Guide of Rincon de Luna

Our lodge is located in Calamuchita´s Valley in the southwest of Cordoba province in Argentina. We are the best big game in the province. Cordoba is well known for the high volume dove shooting; you can shoot 1,000 doves in a day easily. Our big game lodge is a great combination trip with the dove lodges that are located one hour going north from Cordoba City.

Dream Sporting Trips

What is your personal favorite game to catch?

Rodrigo Speranza, Owner and Guide of Rincon de Luna

I really enjoy hunting Red Stag or any kind of deer; I find it very challenging. I like hunting them after the prime rut, when you have to go and chase the animal. The Red Stag is a very intelligent animal and when the rut is finished, they are more aware of their surroundings.

Dream Sporting Trips

Is there a particularly exciting or memorable hunting adventure you'd care to share with our readers?

Rodrigo Speranza, Owner and Guide of Rincon de Luna

We have many adventures every year. Each hunter who visits us leaves very happy and as a friend. We like to say we give our hunters STORIES FOR LIFE. But the most memorable was when a hunter was looking for a Red Stag (up to 380 SCI) and in the middle of the hunt a huge Red Stag showed up (this trophy was huge; I cannot describe how big, tall, and thick the antlers were). As soon as the hunter saw this stag, he did not hesitate to harvest the animal, but it was not easy. The stalk lasted a bit more than one hour. The hunter, the guide, and everyone in the estancia were astonished at the size of this Red Stag. I truly do not find words to describe the beautiful animal.

Dream Sporting Trips

What is the most commonly asked question you get from potential clients? And what do you tell them?

Rodrigo Speranza, Owner and Guide of Rincon de Luna

Hunters usually ask, when they see huge trophies in our pictures, if it's possible to harvest a trophy like the picture or even better? We say there will be possibilities, but we will have to look for the trophy, we will need time to search the animal, and we will have to glass a lot.

Dream Sporting Trips

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Rodrigo Speranza, Owner and Guide of Treat Yourself to Parque Rincon de Luna... in Argentina

We have different species that you can harvest such as Fallow Deer, Water Buffalo, and different kinds of rams. Our ranch is a special place in the world; we have beautiful trophies and landscape as well, but what it makes us different from the other lodges is our people, our hunting guides who will ensure an ultimate outdoor experience, the chef who will prepare international dishes with an Argentinian flair... in short, we make feel all of our guests at home.

From the moment we pick you at the airport, we promise to make your trip to Argentina a safe, incredible and unforgettable experience.






What do others say?

"The Lodge is an amazing facility. Professional chefs serving food that makes one feel guilty it is so good. They have a great stable of horses (my favorite is the Beautiful Lola). Game around every corner. Last year I harvested the largest Red Stag I have seen! Lodge rifles are 300 Win Mag and 375 H&H with Zeiss optics. What makes the hunt so special to me are the people who own and manage the lodge, the guides, the chefs, and the hard working gauchos. Great people there! I can't imagine a better big game hunt in Argentina." - Craig H.

"Parque Rincon de Luna is the premier hunting destination in Argentina. I had the opportunity of harvesting several red stags and other species with my friends at Rincon de Luna and every time has been a memorable time. Good People. Good Hunting. Awesome Accommodations. The place to go. Good Hunting!!!" - Somaribba JG

"I took my stepson on his first international stag hunt and we thoroughly enjoyed the Rincon de Luna experience. The hosts, guide and staff were a delight, complemented with warm Argentine hospitality, great food and abundant Argentinian red wine. Even though we went late in the hunting season, we saw lots of animals and had a very challenging, but successful hunt." - Mike F.

"I can only offer to those interested that one cannot go wrong by choosing Parque de Luna as a hunting destination in Argentina. I have been to Argentina to hunt and visit once or twice each year for the past 10 years and was never as impressed. The lodge is first class, the folks who you will meet and deal with are gentlemen of the first order. And the hunting opportunities are excellent. Combine all of this with the fact that you will fly into Cordoba and you will be met at the airport to take you to the ranch. No wasted time in country traveling to other destinations." - Bill B.


Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?

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