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25 Reasons to Hire A Fishing Guide

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Updated: April 18th 2016 @ 11:49pm

If it flies or floats, rent or lease it!

We've all heard that expression, right? Is there any merit to it? 

At first glance, you might think it's expensive to hire a guide, but take a closer look at what you are getting for your money and you'll realize it's really a bargain!  


[Editor's Note] This list is republished by permission from Captain John Blouse, Hooked Up Charters. Thanks, Captain! 


1. No boat payments

2. No fuel bill

3. No boat maintenance

4. No boat insurance

5. No boat registrations

6. No boating equipment to buy and maintain

7. No boating gear to buy and maintain

8. No boat tags

9. No boat permits or licenses

10. No tackle to buy and maintain

11. No bait to buy

12. No need for storage facilities for your boat


A Guide Offers Peace of Mind

13. No worrying about safety equipment

14. No worrying about breakdowns from your boat being parked too long

15. No worrying about navigating dangerous or unfamiliar waters

16. No worrying about sea conditions, weather, etc.

17. No psychological problems caused by $250 a month or more payments for a boat you see parked for 3, 6 or 9 months

18. No convulsions or dry heaves from writing insurance payments for a boat you see parked for 3, 6 or 9 months


A Guide Will Save You Time by

19. allowing you to spend your time fishing or sleeping instead of prepping boats

20. not having to put gas into your boat

21. not having to put extra gas into your truck, SUV or car to tow your boat

22. not having to round up bait (ever had to go to several places to find bait?)

23. not having to do the dreaded cleanup of your boat after your fishing trip

24. letting you sleep in while your guide does the dirty work

25. being a quick way to learn about the local fishing and water conditions, as opposed to weeks, months, or years it would take to learn it yourself

...in other words, when you hire a guide, you just walk onto the the boat and GO!


Why do Guides Hire Guides?

When guides go on vacation, many hire a local guide because:

1. they want someone else to do the work

2. they are fishing new or unfamiliar waters

3. fishing techniques change with geographical areas and they like to learn these new techniques

4. they get real time info on what's biting, when it's biting, and how it's biting!

It truly does make good sense to hire a knowledgeable guide. In addition to making sure every detail is covered and you're fishing with the right bait in the right area at the right time, many guides have wonderful stories to share and will entertain you from start to finish. What more could you ask?


Plan your next fishing trip the easy way

We know your vacation days are precious. Maybe you've invited friends and family, maybe you're planning a corporate fishing trip. Whatever the reason, you want the trip to go as smoothly as possible. A reputable guide is your best friend when planning these dream trips.

Of course, no one can predict unforeseen events--Mother Nature has a mind of her own--but a good guide will not only take the pressure off of you when struggling to plan every last detail, but will help ensure your next fishing trip is one you (and your guests) will never forget.

We have some of the best guides from around the world listed on our online directory. Here, you'll find it easy to navigate the list of guides, compare the trips they offer, and find the guide who's just right for you, as well as how to contact him directly:



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