About Us

We were out on a friends ranch, both of us are avid sportsman, and we were discussing all of the trips that we wanted to take while trying to decide on our next one. Eventually we decided on an elk hunt. Little did we know that was the easiest part. 

Once we had made this decision we then needed to find a guide, not knowing any guides or outfitters who ran elk hunts we turned to Google. It was at this point that the problems began to start, what search terms should we use? Which state was better? What time of the year was elk season? How much were licenses? What was the tag system? The list of questions seemed never ending or so we thought. Then once we started looking at the different guides it began to get even worse! 

Having no knowledge of the guides made it almost impossible to determine which one would suit our needs best. We didn’t really feel like committing a large sum of money for a trip based on how good a guides website looked. Knowing our luck we would turn up and the cabin would look like a shack and the area around like a barren wasteland. After all how can you judge how good a guide is by their website? Granted there are certain red flags that would make you question their credibility but there was no easy way to pick one, plus we had to trawl through so many websites that by the end of it we couldn’t remember which were the good ones and which weren’t. 

It was at this point that we decided there had to be an easier way. After all websites like HotelFinder.com, Trip Advisor, and Travelocity existed for travel why shouldn’t there be a website for hunting and fishing. Well after another extensive search we realized that there wasn’t and so the idea for Dream Sporting Trips was born.