Wolf Hunt


Capacity and duration
Capacity not specified
Duration of 7 Day

About trip
Our wolf hunts are 7 days beginning Dec 6 through March 7. This is a baited hunt from heated blinds with no
limits – coyotes included.

We take 2 hunters per week, which has kept our success rate fairly high at 80%. Wolf lodge consists of log cabins
propane heated, generated power, home cooked meals, and available shower facilities.
We pick you up at the Edmonton International airport and the its a 2 hr trip to camp.

You will need:
- Warm coat and pants
- Warm cap and gloves
- Warm boots
- Lighter footwear for camp
- Binoculars
- Flashlight
- Insulated underwear
- Personal gear
- Rifle and ammo (270 calibur minimum)

Wolf hunt - - $3000.00
Plus license and tax -
Totalling $3250.00

Species targeted

Techniques targeted

Included in trip
Hunting License

What to bring
Bow & Gun
Ammunition &/or Arrows
Rain Gear
Walking Boots
Warm Clothing

Trip policies
Airport Pickup

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