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Kayak Fishing Washington

Seattle, Washington


The idea of Kayak Fishing Washington started early in 2013. Having launched at a wide variety of lakes around Washington State, I was amazed at the number of people who approached us asking questions about our pedal powered fishing kayaks. Many of these people knew a lot about fishing, and some had kayaking backgrounds but the vast majority of them were not aware of the different options available in today’s kayaks. The evolution of the sit on top (SOT) kayak has garnered the attention of fishermen looking for a stable platform to land a fish. Today, there are many stand out features from pedal powered models to paddle kayaks with customizable decks for attaching fish finders, rod holders and a variety of different accessories. Kayak Fishing Washington’s goal is to educate people about the growing sport of kayak fishing. We put on educational clinics in the classroom and on the water and offer private guided trips. We have chosen some of the best products on the market to make getting into the sport much easier than going at it alone. We are avid fishermen at heart who have logged thousands of hours on the water targeting a variety of fish from salmon, trout, bass, halibut and other bottom fish. Let us know how we can help you.